In the Mix with Discoguy

Said and Done...
The Studio 54 DJ Robbie Leslie walked by my DJ-booth doing two thumbs up when I played Dennis Parker's "Like An Eagle" at this special Studio 54 event
"Thank you! It was incredible good music and everyone is very happy. We will bring you back again"
- Comment from the party planner of a big multinational company the day after the gig
"Wow, I've never heard 'Risky Changes' [Bionic Boogie] played in a club!"
- Guest at Club Beat
"What a tune! What is this?"
- Question raised while I was playing "1979, It's Dancing Time" by Revanche
"What's the name of this song? It's awesome!"
- Guest at Club Beat about "Don't Hold Back" by Chanson
"Can you please write down the name of this song!"
- Request during a gig for a big company's 70's inspired Christmas Party when playing the classic "A Horse With No Name" by America
Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro) och Discoguy @ Le Bain, NYC - April 4, 2014

Dave Lee and Discoguy at Le Bain in New York
Discoguy LIVE @ Club Beat - May 3, 2014

The Video about me? "Disco Guy"

Flyer for the Studio 54 Party event in Stockholm
Disco book with introduction by Claes Discoguy