Discoguy's Party suggestions and inspiration

70's Disco , 80's Italo , 90's House or 2000s Dance,
regardless of orientation is Claes "Discoguy" the natural choice for your party.

70's party
A party with focus on Disco, glamor and dance. But even elements of Funk, Soul, Rock, Pop, Scandinavian Schlagers and Progressive can be played if desired.

Popular decorations; disco balls, sequins, glitter, lava lamps
Popular attributes; afro wigs, big sunglasses, three-piece suits, patterned shirts, vests, jumpsuits, flared trousers, designer dresses, high heels, platform shoes, peace marks etc.
Popular coctails; Grasshopper, Long Island Iced Tea, Gin & Tonic, Tequila Sunrise, Tom Collins, Pina Colada, Harvey Wallbanger, Kamikaze, Seven-Seven (Seagram Seven Crown Whiskey & 7 Up)
Popular dishes; Shrimp cocktail , Fondue, Flying Jacob (Oven-baked chicken with bacon, banana and peanuts), steak with Bearnaise sauce, Hawaii Gammon (Oven-baked Gammon with Pineapple), Peaches and whipped cream, Meringue Swiss, Pear Halves with melted After Eight

80's party
Dance to classics by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Wham, Whitney Houston, Modern Talking, Rick Astley and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, or hair metal like Europe and Bon Jovi, or why not italo-Disco like Kano and Fun Fun, or Hi-NRG by Hazell Dean and Miquel Brown.

Popular decorations; confetti, garlands, balloons, garish colors
Popular attributes; everything oversized - ghetto blasters, poodle haircuts, hockey hairstyles, teased hair, shoulder pads, neon colors, big belts, baggy clothing, jackets with rolled-up sleeves, big jewelry, lace, lycra, clothing layering etc.
Popular coctails; San Francisco, Galliano Hot Shot, Orgasm, Sex on the beach, Cuba Libre, Blue Lagoon, B52, Peach Schnapps
Popular dishes; Toast Skagen, Planked steak, Pizza, Fillet Mignon Black & White, Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback potatoes, Baked pork, Banana split, Glace au four, Gino

90's or 2000's party
The trends and styles of music followed one another in a never ending pace, but with Claes "Discoguy" behind the mixer you will get qualitative Dance from these decades, regardless of the music genre's name.

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