Discoguy's Remixes

The remix was "invented" by the legendary Tom Moulton in the mid 70s.
The idea was to extend and enhance the music experience. Taking the best parts, whether these are instrumental pieces or vocals, all in order to lift the song to new heights.
So from the traditionally about 3 minutes long songs they were remixed to about double its length or more to let the dancing crowd at the discos get to enjoy their favorite songs even longer.

Over the years, the remix has evolved into something entirely different, as some remixes now can sound completely diverse from the original version, and sometimes only have the title and artist in common.

Claes "Discoguy" also creates remixes, or re-edits, of some of his favorite songs, but he makes them "the Old School Way". I.e. he is using the original material to create his own version of the songs strongest parts. These versions he plays on his DJ gigs, but he is also available for various types of remix assignments.

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